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The IGAD Foreign Service Institute (IGAD IFSI) was established following the decision of the 13th Ordinary Summit of IGAD Heads of State and Government held in Addis Ababa on November 29th, 2019. The Institute was created with the mission to build the diplomatic capabilities of diplomats and senior executives from the IGAD region to promote regional economic integration. 

Through the IGAD Strategy 2021-2025, the IGAD Executive Secretary, H.E. Dr Workneh Gebeyehu, came up with a new vision to accelerate the process of regional economic integration through a five-year implementation plan. This Strategy and Implementation Matrix are anchored in the IGAD vision 2050 which seek to transform the region into an upper middle-income economy and an industrialized region by 2050. 

At the organizational level, this strategy puts capacity building, research and strategic dialogue among the top priorities of the organization to efficiently and effectively deliver its mandate.

In line with the vision of the Executive Secretary, the IGAD FSI Director, Amb. Moussa Ali Meigague, is engaged to implement this five-year implementation plan and make the Institute a well-established and recognized ‘Centre of Excellence’ for training and capacity building, research and a regional think tank.

IGAD FSI provides training, research and think thank to build the capabilities in diplomatic studies and practice to facilitate peace, security, prosperity and regional economic integration in the IGAD region. As a regional institution, IGAD IFSI will provide member states a platform to enhance regional dialogue and strengthen regional cooperation and integration process. 


IGAD FSI aspires to be a leading regional ‘Centre of Excellence’ for training, research and think tank. 


To provide thematic and sectoral trainings for member states to create a critical mass of agents of change and promote strategic dialogue and regional cooperation.


Build the diplomatic capabilities of IGAD Secretariat staff and diplomats and civil servants from the region to promote the process of regional economic integration.

Conduct research to inform policymaking processes on diplomacy, peace and security, regional economic integration.

Establish strong partnerships between all the Diplomatic Academies in the region.

Provide tailored trainings based on the needs and priorities of stakeholders.

Strengthen the institutional capacity of the Diplomatic academies in the region.


Contributing to the delivery of the IGAD agendas on regional integration and peace security and diplomacy within the current IGAD strategy, through capacity building trainings for member states.

Enhance the leadership, performance and management capabilities of the IGAD Secretariat.

Draw on the convening power of IGAD to bring diplomats and civil servants to the table to have a good understanding the regional economic integration issues.
Draw on internal and external expertise to support regional diplomatic capabilities through training and capacity building for institutions, diplomats, civil servants and others.

Serve IGAD’s mission and new vision carried out by the IGAD Executive Secretary.


Training and Capacity Building

Our Institute provides training in capacity building to strengthen the diplomatic and leadership skills of diplomats and civil servants.

Research and Knowledge Development

The Institute through a Research center develops regional case studies and research papers that contributes to knowledge dissemination in diplomacy, peace and security, international relations, regional integration, trade facilitation and cooperation.

Platform for Strategic Dialogue for IGAD Member States

The Institute through the IFSI platform has created a place for discussion, exchange and sharing information to support ongoing dialogue processes between Member States on regional issues for the regional economic integration.

Institutional Strengthening of Regional Diplomatic Academies

The Institute through the Hub provides training to diplomats and civil servants from IGAD Member States who are dealing with issues related to regional integration.

Training and capacity building

Our Institute provides trainings in capacity building to strengthen the diplomatic and leadership skills of diplomats and civil servants.

Research and knowledge development

The Institute will create a Research center that will develop regional case studies and research papers.

Think tank

The Institute aims to be an independent regional think tank for politicians, youth and women associations, policymakers, private sectors, and scholars.

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