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Amb. Moussa Ali Meigague

Amb. Moussa Ali Meigague is a career diplomat. Prior to being the Director of the IGAD Foreign Service Institute (IFSI), he served at different keys positions at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Djibouti both in Djibouti and abroad. He served as Director of Administration, Finance and Consular Affairs and deputy Ambassador in Brussels and in the United Arab Emirates. Amb. Moussa Ali Meigague also founded the Institute of Diplomatic Studies of Djibouti. During his tenure, the Institute reached a high performance in the implementation of his vision and developed a number of projects for the Djibouti government and for IGAD diplomatic academies.

The creation of IFSI responds to a clear need for training, research and dialogue to support the IGAD strategic objectives on Peace and Security and Regional Economic integration. The Institute will build the capabilities in diplomatic studies and practices across the IGAD region through thematic and sectoral trainings among key change agents and develop a critical mass of change agents that will accelerate the process of regional economic integration.

The Institute is actively building a network of diplomats and civil servants, academicians, experts and researchers across the IGAD region. The priority of the mission assigned to IFSI is to lay concrete emphasis on the training of diplomats and civil servants from IGAD member states to support the process of regional economic integration with the technical knowledge and know-how in this field. These trainings will foster cooperation between member states ministries and increase their coordination.

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our Executive Secretary for the confidence he placed on me and his strong leadership, our member states and our funding partners for their unfailing support.

Training and capacity building

Our Institute provides trainings in capacity building to strengthen the diplomatic and leadership skills of diplomats and civil servants.

Research and knowledge development

The Institute will create a Research center that will develop regional case studies and research papers.

Think tank

The Institute aims to be an independent regional think tank for politicians, youth and women associations, policymakers, private sectors, and scholars.

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