16 November 2021 (Arta, Djibouti): the IGAD FSI held a three-days’ workshop on ‘Institutional strengthening of IGAD Diplomatic Academies’. 

IGAD FSI Director, Amb. Moussa Ali Meigague, welcomed the participants and thanked them for their presence. 

“One of the main objectives of the IGAD FSI is to strengthen the institutional capacity of Diplomatic institutions in the region. In 2018, I was the Director of the Djibouti Institute of Diplomatic Studies, and with the approval of the IGAD Executive Secretary and the support of other similar institutions in the region, I have created the Associations of IGAD Diplomatic Training and Research Institutions (AIDTRI) with the objective that this association will contribute and promote the regional integration process. This association need to be reactivated and strengthened”. 

13 participants from each IGAD diplomatic academy were equipped with skills to strengthen the institutional capacity their institutions. This workshop also enabled them to respond to the different stages of development of diplomatic training institutions in the region. The overall objective of this workshop was to provide support on institutional strengthening based on the capacity needs of each institution such as a training of trainers, support with developing training materials or support on quality assurance of training. Topics such as training material development, research, resource mobilization, partnership, sharing expertise, joint programmes and curriculum development were covered during the workshop. 

This workshop was conducted with financial support from the European Union through European Union Trust Fund (EUTF) through the Austrian Development Agency (ADA) under the IPPSHAR Program.

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